Intelligent technologies

Intelligent technologies in bpm’online products

Accelerate productivity with AI and machine learning. New machine learning capabilities and predictive algorithms are designed to offer users relevant information and automation within a specific context, based on the analysis of historical data, enabling users to make data-backed decisions. Cutting down on manual analysis frees up time for increased execution and output.

Intelligent data enrichment from open sources

Manage your CRM data faster and with minimal effort by leveraging automatic smart data enrichment. Bpm’online’s CRM data scientist will swiftly identify email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and other valuable information about a company from open sources. With this intelligent tool, bpm’online users get the most complete and up-to-date customer data with no additional effort.

Intelligent data enrichment from open sources

Intelligent data enrichment through email

Leverage intelligent Natural Language Processing tools for enriching customer profile with the most accurate data from incoming emails. No need to manually search for customer data in incoming emails - the system will automatically analyze the email content and enrich contact information based on obtained data. This allows users to create a new contact or update an existing contact profile in just one click. You decide what information should be added to the system, and what should be excluded.

Intelligent data enrichment through email

Predicting the values of data fields in the system

Leverage machine learning capabilities and predictive algorithms to simplify day-to-day operations and free employees from the routine tasks. Thanks to bpm’onlne’s intelligent capabilities, users can set-up their own custom learning models for predicting the values of drop-down lists based on a predefined set of characteristics. This means the platform is capable to make intelligent recommendations across a wide range of business applications, from automatically identifying customer need to specifying the most relevant opportunity category or sales rep to assign the opportunity. For instance, by analyzing the previous service request history and email content of the incoming request, the system can predict the group of case assignees and automatically assign the case to a corresponding support team.

Predicting the values of  data fields in the system

Intelligent system interface

Manage your data in a few clicks and customize the system interface to meet your specific needs! To get necessary analytics faster, bpm’online features an ability to add dashboards directly to record pages. This will help users keep track of the necessary indicators while working with the record pages to get the desired results faster. A communication panel now contains a new tab that displays business process steps that the current user has not completed yet. This will help users keep track of important tasks, even those that are not displayed in the calendar as well as more effectively plan activities for the upcoming days.